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The French have been using Virexil for some time now as a natural alternative to boost their lovemaking!
  • Stimulate libido
  • Increase energy release
  • Maintain testosterone levels
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Product Description

More than 1-in-3 men over 40 suffer with erectile dysfunction!

Virexil contains stimulating herbs which are said to turn users into better lovers who last longer. And thousands of French men have been road testing this “blue pill”, claiming it gives their ladies a little bit more ‘ooh la la.’

Audrey Renaud, of the French manufacturers said: “Virexil has been flying off the shelves in France. The French are known as world- class lovers but it never hurts to have a little bit of help.”

The supplement, which contains ginseng root and maca root among other herbs, has just launched in the UK, giving British blokes the chance to add a little bit of je ne sais quoi to their love lives.

According to statistics 71% of men want to improve their sexual performance and one in three men over the age of 40 will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. In France 76% of adults believe sexual problems contribute to the breakdown of relationships.

On top of that, many men are also too embarrassed to visit their GP about the problem.

Audrey Renaud said: “Erectile dysfunction isn’t something that men like to talk about, much less visit the doctor. The French have been using Virexil for some time now as a natural alternative to help boost their lovemaking.

“Now the Brits have a chance to try it for themselves and enjoy their own sexual boost. And if it helps save someone’s relationship then that’s even better.”

Virexil’s French makers claim the supplement stimulates libido, increases power and erectile function and helps users go for longer.

The beneficial effects of the main ingredients have long been documented. Tribulis Terrestris is said to boost libido, increase the volume of sperm and improve erection. Maca root stimulates sexual desire and improves endurance.

Ginseng helps boost energy and libido as well stimulating vasodilation and improving erectile function. Virexil also includes specific nutrients which have been proven to increase sperm production and maintain normal testosterone levels.

Taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, Virexil is manufactured in France under international food safety standards.

30 Capsules per box, from just 67p per capsule.