Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I received only one bottle in the post, where is the rest of my order?

A - For ease of delivery into your post box, Stirling Health ships every bottle separately to you, so please expect the rest of your order over the next day or two.

Q - How long will it take for me to receive my order.

A - Stirling Health has a policy to dispatch within 48 hours of receiving your order, therefore please allow 3 to 10 days from when we receive your order, taking postal delivery time into account.

Q - How will my order be sent, and what will the postage and packaging cost me?

A - Postage and packaging costs Stirling Health £2.95 per order, however we include free postage and packaging with every UK order. All orders are delivered by First Class post.

Q - What is Stirling Health Return and Refund Policy?

A - All Stirling Health products are covered by our 60 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, from the date of dispatch for the value of each product returned less £2.95 postage, packaging and administration costs attributable to every product unit.