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The miracle supplement sweeping the nation.

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Product Description

Happy joints and great skin starts from within – taking just one sachet a day of what experts are labelling as the ‘miracle molecule’ can help bring back essential moisture and lubrication to your skin and joints; making you feel revitalised, active and feeling great.

How the body is made up naturally from Hyaluronan:

80% in the eyes

56% in the skin

35% in muscles & skeleton

9% in blood lymph & synovial fluid

Maintain yours today!

Replacing lost Hyaluranon can be difficult to do with even the most healthy and balanced diets. With this in mind, the experts at Modern Herbals have developed the award- winning supplement, Syno-Vital®, to lift your levels of essential hyaluronic acid.

Simply add a sachet of the colourless, odourless liquid to water once a day and restore the concentration of hyaluranon in joints, skin and eyes.

Syno-Vital® helps to replenish synovial fluid for improved mobility and moisturisation as well as preventing further degradation of joint tissues. It can also provide improvement where standard glucosamine and chondroitin have failed to do so.

‘The Village of Long Life’

Hyaluronic supplementation was discovered in a village called Yuzurihara, just two hours south of Tokyo. World Health Organisation studies revealed that ten times more people in this village were living beyond the age of 85 years. Not only living longer but the appearance and vitality of its aging people showed

they had smoother skin, flexible joints, healthy thick hair and very few needed reading glasses. In fact, one lady in her 90s had no wrinkles or age spots.

“The Syno Vital product is amazing. I suffer with OsteoArthritis and try to

keep as active as I possibly can. A friend recommended taking this and since taking it I have found more mobility in my joints, less pain and have greatly improved my ability to exercise and keep fit. Give it a try!”

“Within a fortnight of starting this supplement, I realised that I could kneel

comfortably (I was gardening and had knelt and stood several times when it dawned on me) and that my stiff right knee was nearly as flexible as my left. I've recommended this product to a friend with arthritic knees, and she too has taken a packet every morning with good results”

“A friend recommended these and I didn't think they would be half as good as she claimed.... how wrong I was. This product is FABULOUS, my skin improved after taking it for only 2 weeks. I will continue to take these daily & would certainly recommend them, in fact I have, I have 3 more friends trying them.”