Picture of SYNAPTAID
SYNAPTAID - advanced brain support
  • Supports psychological and cognitive function
  • Doctor-formulated
  • Scientifically-based
  • Synergistic action
  • 100% natural ingredients 

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Product Description

SYNAPTAID® is a doctor-formulated supplement for the support of cognitive, psychological and neurological function.

Based on scientific research and real world experience, SYNAPTAID® offers holistic support for brain health, and counters the processes known to cause ‘cognitive decline.’

SYNAPTAID® contains key botanicals and specific nutrients that are known to provide a broad-ranging support for cognitive function, at the same time targeting the processes that are known to contribute to ‘brain ageing.’

SYNAPTAID® is formulated by Dr John Briffa, an award-winning medical doctor, educator and author whose experience in natural medicine extends for more than 30 years.

Dr Briffa developed SYNAPTAID® in response to his clinical work with ever- increasing numbers of patients exhibiting problems with memory, concentration and overall cognitive function.

SYNAPTAID® contains a blend of 8 botanicals and nutrients, each of which has a role to play in supporting and assisting memory, concentration and mood.

Just one of SYNAPTAID®’s active ingredients is Lion’s Mane. This medicinal mushroom has several supporting actions in the brain, including boosting ‘nerve growth factors’ that can stimulate regeneration of brain cells. Lion’s Mane has been found to significantly improve brain function in individuals suffering from ‘cognitive impairment’ in just a few weeks.

We at Stirling Health believe SYNAPTAID® is the supplement many of us have been hoping for!