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Just stick it on and drift away!

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Product Description

SleepEase Patch is an amazing new product that uses new transdermal patch technology (a special patch on the skin) to ensure that the correct amount of natural ingredients is absorbed through the skin, in order to give a perfect night’s sleep.

This special formula also ensures the best quality of sleep, with most customers reporting that they slept in a much deeper and more restful way than usual and felt truly refreshed upon waking up.

In addition to restoring the best sleep patterns, it also can help to eliminate jet lag, and also help to overcome insomnia and restless sleep.

With it’s special formulation of Melatonin, Griffonia Seed Extract, 5HTP, Lavender Oil Extract and the floral extract Linalool, it not only aids sleep, but helps the body to repair and restore itself, in a completely natural way.

Just stick it on, and drift away!


How do I use SleepEase Patch?

Our SleepEase Patches work in the same way as products such as nicotine patches. You simply apply one patch to a part of your body that is hairless (the inner arm, shoulder and lower back are all great places to apply the patch).

Why do SleepEase Patch work so well?

Our SleepEase Patches use Trans-dermal technology that delivers the unique formula. This method is a great alternative to taking tablets, as patches deliver nutrients directly to your blood stream, by-passing your digestive system.