ProstImmune - Prostate Support

The ultimate male nutritional support product, which also helps to support the immune system

Designed to support the good health of mature men, enhancing their nutritional intake and helping to support their immune system.

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Product Description

Imagine a product that not only has the best formulation to help men support their nutritional needs, and also to support their immune systems.

Mature men need to realise that the two most important health issues facing them are taking care of their nutritional needs, while making their immune systems. as strong as possible.


Saw Palmetto - For more than a century, Saw Palmetto has been recognised for its beneficial abilities for male health. Men in Austria, Germany and Italy often use it as their first line of defence against male health problems.

EpiCor – is a unique ingredient comprised of dozens of nutrients that work together to help strengthen the body’s immunity by acting like a multivitamin especifically for the immune system.

Plant Sterols – are very effective in ensuring good male health.

Selenium – is a vital mineral necessary for good male health.

Zinc – as men age there is a natural decline in the amount of Zinc in their body, which causes a major issue as certain organs needs ten times more Zinc than any other organ.

Vitamin C - is the most vital vitamin for good health.

Lycopene – an extract produced from tomatoes which is a very well-respected nutritional component.

Vitamin D – a vital vitamin, particualrly as one grows older, and may be seeing less of the sunshine which is a major source!