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The newest and best product for male prostate support

Do you suffer from :


Painful dribbling urination?

Many toilet trips day and night?

Poor sleep for you and your partner?

Weak urine stream that’s difficult to start?

Pain after ejaculation?

Reduced sex drive?

All of these issues can be caused by having a prostate problem. Now Prostadrin gives you the power to end your prostate issues today!


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Product Description

Why your Prostate can give you problems. 

Prostate issues have been described by medical professionals as the biggest health issue that modern man faces, but because it starts slowly and steadily over time, it’s hard for many men to even realise it could be happening to them.

Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or BPH as it’s more commonly known, means the steady enlargement of the prostate gland, and in the view of many Doctors, it’s already reached epidemic proportions around the world.

When the prostate enlarges it pushes directly against the urethra (the tube from the bladder to the penis), which then affects the man’s ability to urinate and often perform sexually. Over time this progresses until the man may have to make countless toilet trips every day and may become both impotent and incontinent, which is absolutely devastating.  

The usual approach from a Doctor is to give the man powerful drugs or even invasive surgery, neither of which properly address the issue. Often if a man has surgery, it may not cure the issues, and he may often require many more similar surgeries over time. In turn, the drugs can often produce side effects, such as impotence, that are as bad as the prostate disorder.

The solution is simple, natural and completely effective. 

In Europe and Asia, Doctors have used a more holistic and natural approach to dealing with prostate issues for many years. The beauty of this approach is that it’s both more successful than drugs or surgery, but also is completely natural with no side-effects.

They simply use a combination of various herb and plant extracts, all of which have been shown in many studies to have a profound effect on the prostate gland and the symptoms that it produces. This has benefitted literally millions of men across the countries where this approach is used and enabled them to avoid having to take unpleasant and powerful drugs, or to have painful surgery.   

In formulating our Prostadrin product we took all of the thinking already used by these medics, but also found ways that we could improve on the formula used, to give outstanding results in good prostate health!

What makes Prostadrin really special.

The studies on both new and older ingredients are happening all of the time, and we did a great deal of intensive research to arrive at the key active elements that make up the Prostadrin formula, which we’re very proud of

You may have tried other prostate products previously that may not have worked well for you, but you owe it to your Prostate to try Prostadrin! 

How the ingredients of Prostadrin work to help you.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata) – This herb has been known to help men with prostate problems for hundreds of years. In fact it was recognised by the US Pharmacopoeia as being an effective remedy, way back in 1905. This extract from the berry of a certain type of Palm Tree, acts directly on an enlarged prostate and works to reduce pain and inflammation, and also helps the bladder to contract and expel urine. In excess of 20 separate studies have shown that Saw Palmetto extract relieves all of the major symptoms of prostate problems. Prostadrin contains the most concentrated (and expensive) form of Saw Palmetto, which makes it up to 1,000 times more powerful than standard dried Saw Palmetto.

Ginseng Root Extract – This is probably the most important herb used in alternative medicine. Studied over many decades, it has been shown not only to be a significant factor in helping men with prostate problems, but also boosts energy, increases sexual potency, improves hair growth and helps in many other areas. As such many people know it as the wonder herb!

Kudzu Root - has been used by Asian wellness practicioners for over 2,000 years. Kudzu is rich in nutritional content and helps to reduce inflammation, regulate glucose levels and provide a number of nutrients that the prostate specifically neds.

He Shou Wu Root - this herb acts in a number of different ways to increases physical energy, boost sexual potency, improve hair loss, but it's primarily used in this formula to cause a reduction in size of an inflamed prostate, as well as reducing the pain that may occur with a prostate problem.

Zinc - "The Man's Mineral" reverses prostate enlargementand is vital necessity to have in high levels in the body to ensure a man has a healthy prostate. The prostate gland needs ten times more Zinc than any other part of the body, and deficiencies in this mineral are what can cause the prostate to start to enlarge.

Lycopene -  derived from the substance that gives tomatoes their red colour, Lycopene is a very powerful anti-oxidant that has been shown to be vital for good prostate health. In a Harvard study of 50,000 men, those who consumed Lycopene were shown to be 55% less likely to develop prostate problems.

In addition to the six ingredients above, Prostadrin also contains twelve other active ingredients such as Plant Sterols, Grape Seed and Pumpkin extract, all of which have been shown to fight the challenges caused by prostate problems, while returning the prostate to it's most healthy and natural state.

What do you have to lose?

So even if you've tried other prostate products before, we strongly recommend that you try Prostadrin, as it is the most comprehensive and powerful prostate formula, giveing better, faster results than any other.

With our 60 day, money back guarantee, you simply can't lose anything by trying Prostadrin*.

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Prostadrin - The Natural Solution with 18 key active ingredients to give better results for more men!