Otosan Ear Drops

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The Otosan Ear Drops, are prepared using organic essential oils, propolis and blackcurrant and help to:

• soothe skin redness and irritation
• cleanse the ear canal
• protect the ear
• remove excess earwax

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Product Description

Otosan Ear Drops help to cleanse the ear by emulsifying earwax and making it easier to remove from the ear canal, without drying out the skin while respecting the sebaceous physiological balance of the ear.

Otosan Ear Drops are dermatologically tested and do not contain any preservatives or artificial colourings. They are suitable for everyone, including people with hearing aids and for prolonged use.

Designed to offer only ingredients of natural origin, Otosan Ear Drops contain: sweet Almond oil, Blackcurrant oil, organic Borage oil, organic essential oils of Cajeput, Geranium, Juniper and Cloves, Propolis, Chamomile extract (Bisabolol) and Vitamin E.