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Jump-start your sex life with Nytric EFX! For every box purchased we’ll give you a free box of the famous supplement “Blue Devil” for even more improvements to your all round performance!

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Product Description

The discovery that gives a Gold Medal performance between the sheets!


“I started taking Nytric EFX™ to help me with my gym training so I could keep up with my grandchildren on the ski runs, but my wife said that the biggest improvement was in the bedroom. I was as delighted as she was!”     

“My Doctor was not a Viagra fan and would not let me take it due to my high blood pressure. His brother-in-law had told him of the fantastic benifits that Nytric EFX™ had given him, so he recommended it to me. After just 3 weeks of being on Nytric EFX™ I feel 20 years younger. Not only do I have way more energy, but our love life has sparked up tremendously. Thank you for such a tremendous product.”    

60 tablets per bottle