Medosan Age Blemish Cream

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Fade away age spots and blemishes!
  • Fade Away Age Spots And Blemishes
  • Gentle And Effective
  • Natural Ingredients

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Product Description

Even the best dietary and exercise regimes, designed to keep our body and skin youthful, can be sabotaged by the ageing effect of skin blemishes and liver spots. A natural reduction in the body's metabolism as we grow older allows waste in the skin to linger and eventually interact with oxygen to cause these tell-tale signs emerge. Now a Swiss based company have developed a natural based remedy that has combined herbs and an active agent from Chinese medicine that prevents the oxidation occuring. 

Natural and safe Medosan cream will fade away age spots and blemishes that can spoil what the diet and exercise have achieved.

With the natural active ingredient Asafoetida, long known in Chinese herbology, daily massage into the hands will cause blemishes to disappear.