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Discover 76 amazing natural "cure alls" for everyday problems
  • Why drinking a lemon ‘through your nose’ could help relive asthma symptoms...
  • Get rid of Cellulite! Try this simple two-minute trick everyday...
  • Trouble sleeping? Why the secret of a good night’s rest is through your feet...
  • How to treat piles, rashes, scaly skin and prickly heat instantly – and without paying for expensive creams and medicines!
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Now you can discover the hundreds of ways a simple lemon could improve your life. In this brilliant new book, Ray Collins reveals how they can relieve stress, treat infection, clean your home, protect you from disease ... and even slow the effects of ageing!

By the time you’ve put some of these ideas to the test, your home will smell fresher, the air you breathe will be healthier, you’ll be more environmentally friendly, you’ll be less susceptible to many health threats of the 21st Century and you’ll have saved possibly hundreds of pounds on unnecessary and wasteful products!