JointEase Cream

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Rub away Arthritis pain

Our unique and highly effective topical JointEase Cream is guaranteed to reduce any pain and inflammation caused by arthritis whilst increasing circulation and stimulating flexibility and movement for general joint and muscular injuries.

JointEase Cream uses a unique patent pending Proprietary Bioceutics Manufacturing Process. The key components in JointEase Cream are proven arthritis ingredients, which not only remove the immediate pain and discomfort in arthritic joints but also help regenerate damaged cartilage and replenish synovial fluid in the joint matrix. 

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Product Description

The key ingredient is 7% Emu Oil - Scientific studies from around the world confirm Emu Oil naturally contains high level of linolenic acid (a substance used to ease muscle aches and joint pain including arthritis), which also provides a local anti-inflammatory effect. Other proven Ingredients include Glucosamine for regenerating cartilage growth; and MSM for immediate pain relief in arthritic joints. 

Amongst the other ingredients in JointEase Cream’s Comprehensive Formula are the proven anti-inflammatory, pain relieving herbs, Hops Extract, Boswellia Serrata Extract and Chamomile Extract. Added to this extensive arthritis formula are several vitamins and other ingredients to ensure optimum absorption, and deep penetration for the fastest possible relief whilst at the same time Increasing circulation and removing blood stasis.