HGC3 (Hair Growth Formula)

Picture of HGC3 (Hair Growth Formula)
Natural solution to hair loss and balding in men and women.

HGC3 contains a powerful combination of over 40 vitamins, minerals, and extracts, designed to feed your hair follicles through your blood supply. The result is thicker, stronger, rejuvenated hair.

  • Stimulates hair growth at molecular level
  • Designed to nourish thinning hair
  • Supports hair follicle function to encourage stronger hair growth
  • Users have seen results in as little as 3 months
  • Made using high quality natural ingredients
  • Natural and safe solution to hair loss
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Product Description

HGC3 is entirely natural & works without side effects. You will see striking results in 3-8 months. In most cases, stopping use for 1 month after 7 months will produce lasting results. HGC3 works both for men and women, reversing thinning hair by boosting and strengthening growth, giving you longer, thicker, stronger hair. Improves scalp appearance and increases hair shafts. Also builds stronger healthier looking nails!

60 capsules per bottle