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Fades Away Age Spots & Freckles!

Dark Marks Away is a new concept in skin care solutions. It has been formulated by the Herbal Skin Doctor laboratories to actually fade away age spots, freckles and brown pigmentation marks. 

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Product Description

Dark Marks Away is not a make-up or a form of instant concealment. It progressively helps to fade away these often embarrassing blemishes. Age spots, freckles and brown pigmentation marks are a common occurrence in many people. They are mainly due to a non-uniform build up of pigment (melanin) under the skin which is continuously being brought to the surface. This process is particularly active when the skin is exposed to sunlight. 

Dark Marks Away gently penetrates the skin tissue and immediately starts to reduce the melanin causing the marks and blemishes, leaving your skin even more toned and also helps to prevent the problem of re-appearing.