Collagen Ultra Cream - Health Support

Put a stop to your arthritis with Collagen Ultra Cream.

98% find their pain reduces or even disappears in 10 days or less! 

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Product Description

Collagen Ultra Cream – 125ml

Why Collagen Ultra Cream works so well.

With the great success of the Collagen Ultra tablets over the past years, Stirling Health knew that they could only launch this product if they were certain that it would be better in the fight against arthritis and joint problems than any other cream available in the world.

To do this they have ensured that the quality and quantities of the key ingredients are at their optimum levels, and also that the cream was as bio-available as possible, so that your body can take the maximum benefit from it.

The key ingredients:

Collagen types 1 , 2 and 3

Emu oil


Co-enzyme Q10 




Aloe Vera


Vitamin A

Vitamin E


Hops Extract

Boswellia Serrata