Collagen Prime Complex

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Relieve Stiff And Painful Arthritic Joints and give you firmer, younger-looking skin!
  • Unique-formula with organic nutrients
  • 3,000mg of Naticol hydrolised marine collagen per day
  • 50mg of hyaluronic acid for painful joints
  • Just add a spoonful to your favourite juice or smoothie...and mix!
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Product Description

Collagen plays a significant role in your body’s overall physical resilience, too, maintaining healthy joints and helping your body to recover from injuries.

However, from around the age of 30, each passing year takes with it about 1.5% of your body’s collagen supply. By the time you retire, you have lost over half of your body’s collagen reserves — and it isn’t coming back!

Unlike many hard-to-swallow capsule ‘supplements’ which offer around 200-400mg per tablet, Collagen Prime Complex is a uniquely formulated organic powder. It delivers 3,000mg of collagen in every spoonful – as much as 10-times that of ineffective low-dose collagen capsules.

Collagen Prime is among the highest-quality collagen available in the UK today. Developed using highly effective marine peptide Naticol — extensively researched and clinically proven to be one of the most effective anti-ageing solutions that is affordable for daily use.

Another key anti-ageing component of Collagen Prime is hyaluronic acid. Despite the slightly scary name, it is naturally-occurring in your skin and very effective in keeping your skin plump, youthful and hydrated. A single molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its own weight in water! But that’s not all...

ATTENTION ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS Meet the expert nutritionist who says a daily spoonful of this breakthrough unique-formula high-concentrate collagen powder may help...

There are many collagen supplements on the market, many of which don’t provide sufficient amounts of active ingredients and are often combined with sweeteners, preservatives and flavourings. I’m very impressed with Collagen Prime powder, which provides an effective dose of Naticol marine collagen combined with a high dose of Hyaluronic acid and organic nutrients which can really benefit skin, joints and connective tissue.”


Registered Nutritionist