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Asmanol - Natural support for Asthma Sufferers

Green Lipped Mussels reduce inflammation

The unique, specially produced Green-Lipped Mussel Oil powder contained in every Asmanol hardgel capsule has been proven to be a safe and very effective way of naturally helping people who have an Asthma condition.

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4 Bottles of Asmanol £31.45 £50.00 £125.80

Product Description

Asmanol is a unique anti-inflammation product, which can aid Asthma sufferers in a natural drug free way. Hay Fever sufferers who experience a tightening of the chest, have found a great deal of benefit from the product. 

Key Ingredients

Asmanol’s main active ingredient is a patented, highly purified 99% stabilised pharmaceutical grade powder, extracted from the Green Lipped Mussels (Perna canaliculus) which are exclusive to the New Zealand coastline along the South Island.


When I order Asmanol what do I receive?

Asmanol is supplied in a bottle with 90 hardgel capsules, which with normal use is enough for one month’s supply, taking three capsules per day, two in the morning, and one in the evening, with a large glass of water. 

How long will it take to start to feel the benefits of Asmanol?

As it is a natural product, rather than a prescription medicine, different people take varying amounts of time before they start to see tangible results. In reality, most people would expect to see some good results after the first month of taking the product. 

 I’m taking other medication, can I also take Asmanol?

This is a completely natural formula, and will be safe for you to take even if you suffer from an acute medical condition. It has been formulated to ensure that it does not conflict with any prescription medicine that you might be taking. We do recommend that you consult your Doctor and show them the information on Asmanol if you have any concerns regarding the product.


Take three hardgel capsules per day, two in the morning and one in the evening, both with a large glass of water.



Hay Fever

Shortness of breath


*£2.95 per unit is deducted from any refund due to P&P costs