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The PROST-PATCH program - protects for your prostate NATURALLY

Do you want...

  • To end nightly trips to the toilet?
  • To increase urine flow and end difficulty getting “started”?
  • To end embarrassing incontinence?
  • To increase your sexual  power?

Then you need to know all about Prost-Patch immediately, the proven, safe, totally natural treatment that prevents and removes prostate problem - without dangerous surgery or prescription drugs! Even if you’ve tried Prostate tablets before you must try this patch!

Each box contains 28 patches.

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Product Description

All 5 of the most powerful natural prostate protection ingredients are now available in the most effective, easiest and safest form. With ingredients regularly prescribed in Europe (where prostate rates are 50% less). The full Prost-Patch course is now available in the U.K. At last you too can naturally and effectively put the misery of prostate problems behind you.

Saw Palmetto extract is regularly prescribed in EUROPE to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). And over 20 studies support Saw Palmetto extract as the most widely used plant for BPH. Studies help us understand that Saw Palmetto can block the production of the enzyme 5 – reductase and consequently the production of the hormone that is believed causes swelling of the prostate.

The Saw Palmetto extract therefore can stop or reduce prostate problems. Aloe Vera extract contains analgesics (pain killers) and anti-inflammatories. Any discomfort and pain that accompanies inflammation can be reduced by its presence.

Bee Pollen is rich in protein and essential fatty acids. These are necessary for healing and strengthening.  A Japanese study showed 99% of men sustaining acute prostatitis enjoyed effective treatment with Bee Pollen.

Vitamin B6 aids the absorption of Zinc and inhibits excessive production of Prolactin.

Zinc Sulphate is probably one of the single most important nutrients for a healthy prostate. The normal prostate gland needs more Zinc than any other organ. Zinc is crucial for the production of healthy sperm. Zinc is vitally important to virtility and in the conversion of testosterone. Trials show Zinc aids prostate health.

Amino Acids a combination of the amino acids, alanine, glycine and glutamic acid have been shown in studies to relieve many of the symptoms of BPH. Results of one controlled study showed that they decreased nightime urination, urgency and frequency by 95%.

Other beneficial course ingredients include Quercetin, Pumpkin Seed extract and Nettle Root extract.